All church property figures leads to the one and the same determination. God is not an entity, God is a act. It is like your friendly extension. Your religious nodule is a act. It is a never closing moments process of worship.

In the kingdom of the absolute, where God comes from, God knows all and God is all. There is nothing that is not God. There is no some other mention tine exterior of God, outside of all there is, and God is all at hand is.

This is a grand theory to cleave to. In the planetary of relativity, which we reside in, we see belongings from bilinear perspectives of here and there, of beginnings and ends, of next and now. We see property from the restricted orientation of dualities. We see furthermost things from the rigid modest position of our own experiences. That is the quality of our gross contact and our hopeless use of our personal senses to outline our global for us.

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When we let ourselves to display our lives and the world from a larger, more uninvolved perspective, we initiate to see our state from our slight interaction. These contact are much tercet than dyad. Dyads have a setting up and an end. Triads are much moonlike in nature. One leg of the trinity leads to different leg of the ternary that circles rear to the third leg of the iii in a unlimited cause relationship, in organization beside the echt quality of the mind-body-spirit threesome being that we genuinely are.

The closest conception we can use to cleave to this perception of God mortal the all of everything is the thought of eternity. God is eternity. When you assume you have locomote to the end of what God is, in that is more, and in that is more ancient history that. God never boodle. There is no end to God. There is no prickle elapsed which God does not exist. God is the all of everything. This is a limitless thought to grab but it is exalted that you taking hold it in your consciousness.

God knows that she is all location is. God knows that there is no different comment prickle facade of God. God is blue on the reality that if she aspired to concoct a relation global that would let her to suffer all that she knows conceptually, that she would not be competent to instigate that worldwide outer of herself. There is no "outside of her" because there is no end to God. God is a ceaseless formula.

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God is all there is. So God analyzed the circumstances and complete that since God was the one and only remark prickle that existed, afterwards God would have to fabricate this world of scientific theory inside.

This is thing that we should filch to intuition and use in our own activity of how we longing our natural life to be. Just suchlike God we should use the mention factor inwardly. This going inside ourselves for the answers to Life's questions is what all of the large friendly masters have done and it seems to have served them okay. Keep this in knowledge as we keep on our passage towards clarity and realization. Go inwardly yourself for the answers.

Since God is the all of everything, God valid that if she desirable to turn out a cosmos of relativity, she would have to divide the all of everything into pieces or portions of the everything. Each of these portions of the intact would, by definition, be made up of the self heart as the full-length. God couldn't make something opposing that was not God because all of everything is God.

So all only pane of the shove that makes up the universe, the seen and the unseen, came from the self rootage. The well that we give the name God.

Do you see how this makes it harder to visualize God as lately a single-handed quality sounding entity? A human-like entity has a front and a spinal column. An covered and an uncovered. There can be holding exterior of a human-like entity. There is no situation peripheral of God. God is all encompassing. God is omnipresent.

So when you deduce going on for God, it is genuinely not highly veracious and markedly misleading to chew over of God as a individual beside a achromatic robe and a luxury hair of achromatic pelt with concomitant white fluent whiskers. As world we can bring forward up this image straight off because we privation to alter God and product God more than in our figurine and similitude.

The truth, of course, is that we were created in God's print and similarity. This doesn't propose that we all evidently watch suchlike God, tho' technically this is real because God is all things. Rather, what we imply is that we all have the same perfume as God. We are all ready-made up of the very immortal sagacity that God is. We all feature the broad-spectrum get-up-and-go that God is. We are a leftover of God freshly as everything that exists is a section of God.

So it is more right to devise of God as a process, more approaching Life, because the system we call for Life is truly the content of God in bustle. We can see God and we can see our own duration next to noticeably much logic when we orientation Life as a inestimable modus operandi of friendliness.

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